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Comedy Crime Novel


Blackmail, fraud, arson, and murder. It all sounds so straightforward! Until you meet Paul Wint, the unsuspecting assistant in a complicated plot to...what was it he was supposed to be doing? Life is often absurd and the new comedy crime novel, Business, by J.P. Meyboom tries to unravel the minds of a supposed mastermind while following the path of greeting card writer Paul Wint.

A Straight Line to Nowhere and Adventure Around the Corner

Hitting bookshelves at the end of June 2021, you can pre order your copy today! Don't miss a moment of fun as Paul tries to help his apparent friend Mr. Hornsmith with his business. But there are complications involving a cosmetic surgeon, the stunning Marla, and the mysterious Simon Trang. One disaster after another sends our crew out into the desert where everybody faces off while uncovering the true culprit behind a string of crimes.

Delve into Summer with New Fiction Writer J.P. Meyboom

If you are tired of following the same set of cardboard characters through yet another cozy murder mystery, spice things up this year while reading by the pool. New fiction writer J.P. Meyboom makes his novel debut this season. He shares his unique view of the world with a wry wit and cutting insights. Discover a new story full of laughter, dismay, confusion, and horror. After flipping through the whole book, make sure to tell your friends!

Business is available now for purchase on Amazon and Indigo. Don't wait to add a little laughter, love, and mystery to your summer reading list.

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